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Electric Fencing Security

electric fencingElectric Fencing

Electric fences are one of the first lines of defense against criminals, but installing the wrong fence will provide little protection and can even land a home owner in trouble.

South African laws require electric fencing to be certified with an electric fence system certificate of compliance (COC)

The new laws dictate that an electric fence must be installed by a registered installer, it must have warning signs, and the output must fall within an acceptable range.

While legal compliance is obviously very important, many experts say that installing the right electric fence is just as important if you want to keep criminals out.

Poor electric fences can easily be scaled or bent over, and provide little protection against experienced criminals. The following video shows an example of one such fence.

By law, electric fencing has to comply with the following regulations:

  • Electric fencing be installed on a wall with a minimum height of 1.5 metres
  • If angled brackets are used, the maximum outward angle is 45 degrees and they must be installed on the inside of the boundary wall and neighbours’ consent is required if you plan to angle brackets into their property
  • The fencing must be installed and operate such that it won’t cause a hazard or entanglement to people or animals
  • The maximum distance between posts is 3 metres
  • A minimum of three earth spikes must be installed for every 30 metres
  • Electrification of barbed or razor wire is prohibited
  • Yellow warning signs are required at all gates and access points
  • Electrified gates must enable a person to open and close them without receiving a shock

Electric Fencing

It is important to choose the correct electric fencing equipment when installing, correct height of brackets to cover all areas of possible entry.

See our Electric Fencing page for more details or sales and queries.

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